The Law of Market Failure Motivated Us to Pose the Question: Should we Invest in a new Voucher Feature on our Webshop – or Not?

The Law of Market Failure: “Most new ideas (80-90%) will fail in the market – even if competently executed” – Alberto Savoia Note: This blog post was originally made available as an article on LinkedIn. “The Law of Market Failure” is defined and explained in depth – as well as how to systematically overcome this innovation challenge – by Alberto Savoia (Google’s Innovation Agitator Emeritus) in his latest book “The Right It – Why So Many Ideas Fail and

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Pretotyping – Validating Your Business Idea to Minimize Risk of Slow Failures

I was first introduced to pretotyping by Tim Vang, who brought this front end innovation framework to Denmark. The purpose of pretotyping is to test your business ideas (test your assumptions) before investing a major amount of time and money – and do this in a fact based manor. So basically pretotyping is all about very early market validation ensuring you invest your time and money in the potentially good business ideas which will most likely yield the best

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